The Small Folkenchanting, holistic play, celebrating a naturally simplified childhood

woodland folk

  • wooden peg dolls
  • felt scraps
  • wool
  • a small amount of wool roving (optional)
  • acorn caps
  • leaves (optional)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

1. Measure your peg doll and cut out a felt cloak to drape around their body. Secure with a piece of wool threaded through the top, tied in a knot or bow or alternately, attach the cloak with glue.

2. Use the wool roving to form hair for your little sprite (or you could simply use regular wool for a different look). If making more than one, try creating various hairstyles to give the dolls their own individual style.

3. Attach the hair using the hot glue and add an acorn cap for a little woody hat.

4. Leaves can be added to the doll's back to create fairy wings, if desired.

5. Present in a flower garden, by a tree, amongst some ivy, on a woodpile, in a potted plant or wherever your imagination leads. Enchanted play scenes can be easily created by adding tiny buckets, branches, tea sets, wood rounds, seed pods, gemstones, acorns and play silks. 

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