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ways to play with a grimms rainbow

For over 40 years, the team at Grimms Wooden Toys have hand-crafted timeless pieces that are nestled and adored inside homes all around the world. One of their most popular play items is the Large Rainbow, which has become a staple childhood item - and for good reason! Not only do they look beautiful upon the shelf, their play potential is truly endless. Here are five ways we love to play with our exquisite, much-loved rainbow.


1. create a car track

Starting with the solid centre piece of your rainbow, place the arches in chronological size order, with one edge on the floor and the other edge resting on top of the arch in front. Send your cars along on their bumpy, colourful journey, all the way the end!


2. make a ball run

With the addition of the Grimms building boards, our rainbow turned arch-side to the floor and lined up in size order, makes a wonderful stepped ball run. A Google search will unveil a world of ball-run possibilities, from the simple (like this one), to incredibly elaborate set ups.


3. stack, stack, stack

With their grippy texture, rainbows are perfect for stacking explorations. Use alone or with the addition of semi-circles or building boards to create stacks that range from easy-peasy to those that will challenge even the most experienced builder! 


4. make some animal pictures

The enticing shapes and colours of the rainbow lends itself to endless possibilities when creating fun and fascinating art works. With only a couple of extra loose parts, your creations can come to life!

The animals that we created below were inspired by on Instagram.  


5. design a wildlife sanctuary

Imaginative, small world play is a quintessential part of early childhood development, and open-ended materials, such as our rainbow, are investments that can be used over and over again, in ways limited only by the imagination. By placing some animals close by, children will naturally combine the two to create their own stories and play scenes, subliminally enhancing brain connections and making sense of the world.

see the video below to watch some rainbow play in action;


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