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wings altar
wings altar
wings altar


wings altar

De Noest

This incredibly special altar casts a warm, comforting glow, which will be adored by both children and adults alike. Crafted from beautiful, light birchwood, altars can be used to create a spiritual and unique space in your home, representing a special occasion (such as a birthday, Christmas or Easter), signifying an anniversary, or to honour the passing of a loved one. 

The altar comes with a wooden crucifix, a butterfly, a star, a guardian angel and a beautiful organically-cut piece of Swarovski crystal. Photographs or illustrated images can be placed into the rear wall of the altar with non-reflecting glass providing a protective barrier.

Altars can either be mounted to the wall or placed on a flat surface. Once turned on, the altar illuminates, creating an enchanting ambiance in any room of your home and the front platform and internal cavity can be used to place accessories of significance.

Measuring 40 x 25 x 33cm, they are made in Germany.


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