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what's inside?

what's inside?

Giulia De Amicis

Some of the habitats designed by animals to defend themselves, their families and their society, are absolutely fascinating; many are well known, but at the same time they are hidden from us and difficult to interpret. We know that ants and termites build complicated underground tunnels, that bees in their hives create precise and impeccable geometric structures, that mammals like beavers design ingenious and unique solutions to protect the entrance to their dens, but all these structures hide unexpected and interesting secrets. By investigating and clearly showing them, this book explains and highlights, as never before, the genius of certain animals.

The clear and colourful illustrations by Giulia de Amicis, combined with the scientifically and didactically accurate texts, suited to young readers, lead us on a unique journey to see for ourselves the hidden lives of animals.

Hardcover, 64 pages


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