weather chart
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Please note: our weather charts display Celsius as the temperature scale, as shown in the second image.

This stunning chart invites children to explore the concepts of weather and our environment in a very simple yet interactive way. The beautiful watercolor paintings spin on the wheel to represent the outdoor elements, and the lower dial rotates to set the temperature. Your children may find themselves drawn to nature more often - reaching out the door to feel if it's cold, warm, or hot... looking to the sky for clouds, sun, wind, or rain. Younger children may first experience weather through description before developing more of an understanding of degrees on the thermometer, which is why both words and numbers unify.

Designed to coordinate with our wooden perpetual calendars, they are the same height so they can be displayed side by side. It measures 33cm tall and 15cm wide and fits over a screw on the wall for hanging or can be used with our tabletop stand (purchased separately) to display on a shelf.