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this book was a tree

this book was a tree

Marcie Chambers Cuff

Calling all modern pioneers! 

We live in a spectacular time of unprecedented digital connectivity, yet never before have we been so disconnected from the natural world. It's time to remedy this, to roll up our sleeves and explore a world of unsurpassed beauty and possibility. 

With This Book Was a Tree, you'll decipher nature's perplexing puzzles through messy but purposeful projects such as felting wool, making seedbombs, assembling a nature junk journal, maintaining a herb garden, constructing a bee coop, and germinating nutritious edible sprouts.

Along the way, you'll uncover curious details and intriguing similarities between your life and those of your feathered, furry, and flying neighbours, and reawaken your raw sense of wonder and imagination.

Think of this as your guidebook for becoming a modern pioneer, a strong-minded, clever, crafty, spontaneous, mud pie-making, fort-building individual committed to slowing down and giving the world your complete attention, questioning everyday things, and reconnecting with the wildness around you!

Paperback, 208 pages


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