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the genius of play - celebrating the spirit of childhood

the genius of play - celebrating the spirit of childhood

Sally Jenkinson

When children play, they become creators, dreamers and artists. Sticks become wands, swords, dolls or snakes. Children move like quick fire from the everyday to the fantastic, when free to express the genius of play.

This brilliant resource discusses what play is, why it matters, and how modern life endangers children's play. Sally Jenkinson addresses:

  • What children express in their play
  • How play helps develop empathy and social skills
  • How to tackle TV, inappropriate toys and consumerism
  • How play develop children's imaginations
  • Why children need adults who encourage play, and
  • How creative childhood players become good adult thinkers

Sally Jenkinson is a lecturer, mother and kindergarten teacher. She works for the Alliance for Childhood, after advising Steiner/Waldorf Kindergartens for many years. She is a respected contributor to British and European research conferences on Early Childhood. She is a tireless advocate of children's holistic development needs to the Department for Employment and Education during their consultation on Early Years Education for the National Curriculum.

Paperback, 128 pages


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