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olive wood scoop - 8.5cm

olive wood scoop - 8.5cm

Olive Wood

Sensory play is ignited with the introduction of our gorgeous olive wood scoop. Sturdy, solid, and perfect for even the littlest people, our scoop is designed to promote coordination and fine motor dexterity through the action of scooping and transferring. Use in a sensory tub filled with seeds, gum nuts or pebbles for endless tactile fun.

With exquisitely patterned wood, sourced from annual tree prunings in Tunisia, this heirloom piece is handcrafted through age old tradition. Olive wood is rich in its own natural oils which protect it against bacteria, and after use, scoops can be cleaned under running water, without detergent. We recommend you wipe them occasionally with olive oil to keep their natural character alive.

Each scoop is completely unique with its own colour and pattern, they measure approximately 8.5cm long and are sold individually.


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