natural nins, rings and coins
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Grapat Nins, rings and coins is a set of natural loose parts which can be used to create your own games and challenges. Six rings stacked together allow you to completely hide the Nin, and the coins let you cover and uncover them. Lots of fun with peepo and other games around object permanence.

Crafted from unpainted, natural wood, they are perfect for all kinds of sorting, stacking and counting games. They are also great for open-ended play or to encourage counting and early mathematics skills. Beautifully tactile and warm, these wooden peg dolls are much loved by children. 

Recommended for children aged 12 months and above. Nins are 65mm in height, rings and coins are 48mm in diameter.

Grapat toys are designed to encourage the natural desire to play that lives innately within every child. Simplistic toys, made from natural materials, allow children to explore freely without rules or structure, expanding their imaginations and creativity. Grapat toys exude the natural beauty of the earth and are crafted using locally sourced sustainable timber and finished with water-based colour stain. Made in Spain.