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multiplication geoboard
multiplication geoboard

multiplication geoboard

From Jennifer

The sometimes abstract concept of multiplication just became a whole lot easier to comprehend with our beautifully engraved geoboards. Featuring 100 pegs, and numbers on both the side and bottom, it is primarily used as a way to demonstrate what is actually happening during the multiplication process. By gathering pegs inside a rubber band, various equations from 1x1 to 10x10 can be created and then visualised.

Other uses for this board include setting it up as a bar or line graph, showing percentage, and calculating all other mathematical processes: division, addition and subtraction. And for a creative approach, use it like any other geoboard to make shapes, letters, numbers, and pictures using rubber bands or yarn to wrap around the pegs.

The board measures 35.5cm square and comes with a set of coloured rubber bands.


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