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dance dolphin dance
dance dolphin dance
dance dolphin dance

dance dolphin dance

Patricia McCarthy

Follow Dolphin on a fast-paced adventure that nearly lands him in the jaws of a shark!

Dance, Dolphin, Dance is set in the Western Gulf of California. It follows a Bottlenose Dolphin as he dips, dives and swirls in the towering Kelp in his search for food crossing paths with sea lions, a seal, a giant manta ray, a grey whale, and other sea creatures. But then a Great White Shark appears, and then a Killer Whale! Will Dolphin escape?  

A fantastic introduction to endangered wilderness habitats whilst emphasising the importance of conservation. Complete with a “spotting” activity at the back of each book.

This stunningly illustrated book combines child-appeal with naturalism.

Hardcover, 32 pages


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