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kangaroo hanging christmas decoration

kangaroo hanging christmas decoration


Add a touch of Australian animal magic to your tree this Christmas with our hanging kangaroo decoration.

The fibres used in the manufacture of our Bristlebrush designs are made from the Buri Palm, which is native to Asia. The Buri Palm stalks regenerate every few months and the fronds are taken from harvested crops specifically grown for our wonderful product. To enable the palm fibre to be used it is cut, soaked, dried, and shaped by our talented artisans who take great care to make sure each item is precise and accurate.

All Bristlebrush products are designed and developed here in Australia, and manufactured by an incredible team of men and women in the Philippines. Each piece is 100% natural, environmentally friendly and renewable. All products meet strict quarantine standards and are of the highest grade, to ensure our native fauna and flora are protected at all times. 


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