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how to be a bigger bunny
how to be a bigger bunny

how to be a bigger bunny

Florence Minor

Tickles the bunny was the smallest in her family and was always being left behind when her siblings went out to play.

A quiet book-lover, she occupied her time by reading her favorite volume of adventure stories, How to Be a Bigger Bunny!

Then one day, when her siblings don't come back from their play, and Tickles went to investigate, she discovered that the stories she was always reading had a practical application. Rescuing her family from the log in which they were trapped, she put the lessons she had learned in her books to good use!

Featuring an endearing leporine heroine, an engaging tale of how she found the right place in her family, How To Be a Bigger Bunny is a little picture-book with charm. A message to never give up, in which her family finally gains a better understanding of her when reading stories saved the day.

Hardcover, 32 pages


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