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tasmanian drift wood blocks; set of 50

tasmanian drift wood blocks; set of 50

Three Harveys

One-of-a-kind and undoubtedly special, our collection of natural Tasmanian driftwood blocks are sustainably collected from freshwater sources by Three Harveys.

Each and every piece has been cut and sanded to highlight stunning textural features of woodgrain, knots, burls and interesting shapes. No artificial finish required, the stunning smooth, silvery texture has been left natural without any need for varnish, oils, waxes or colouring chemicals.

These blocks come in a range of shapes and sizes, from 2cm to 15cm. With long and short, fat and wide, round and bumpy, basic and quirky, delicate and bulky, archways, bridges, cones, beaks, triangles, knots, chimneys and many other unique shapes, the imagination truly can run wild.

Each unique set is carefully selected to maximise and combine as many combinations of shapes and sizes as possible, therefore not all sets will match those pictured.

A tactile toy, perfect for little hands, these blocks promote fine motor skills, imagination, and open play. Each block has been carefully crafted and selected for durability, strength and attractiveness, and will endure all sorts of play.

Being eco-friendly, these wood blocks won’t be contributing to landfill or deforestation. An heirloom quality timber toy that will no doubt be loved for generations.

Block sets come in a sturdy raw calico bag for simple storage.

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