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Moulin Roty

This basic compass is the perfect way to teach your children about geographical direction and the 4 cardinal points – North, South, East and West.

The compass consists of a magnetised dial mounted on a pivot point inside a fluid filled capsule. For more advanced use, angle markings in degrees are also shown on the compass rose, allowing the compass to be used to provide bearings for navigation.

The best way to hold the compass is flat on your palm, with your palm in front of your chest. If using with a map, place the compass and map on a flat surface.

Size: 6 cm diameter x 1.5 cm thick

A fun exercise to play with the compass is to use a compass and a start marker, such as a flag or a ball, in a spacious field or room. In order to learn how to use the compass, your child should have basic knowledge of the cardinal points (N, S, E, & W).
Select a starting point and drop the start marker. Using the compass follow
these directions:

  • Walk 5 paces to the north, stop
  • Walk 10 paces to the west, stop
  • Walk 20 paces to the south, stop
  • Walk 15 paces to the east, stop
  • Walk 15 paces to the north, stop
  • Walk 5 paces to the west, stop. At this point, look down on the ground. You should be at the starting point!

Suitable from 3 years old.


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