branch-wood castle blocks
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This 16 piece castle block set is what childhood dreams are made of! The beautifully textured pieces can be arranged in a variety of ways to create many different types of medieval fortresses. Hand carved in the forests of Europe, this delightful set will inspire limitless imaginative play. 

Stored in a natural cotton bag, the collection includes 4 corner walls, 8 low walls, 3 high walls and gateway wall, with pieces measuring 6 -13cm long.

All of our branch-wood items are environmentally sustainable as they are crafted from reclaimed cherry, apple and elder tree branches. During their creation, the original branch bark is left intact, however the surfaces and edges have been sanded smooth, ensuring safety for little hands. The natural texture of the wood and bark remains, and surfaces are oiled using natural flax seed oil, celebrating their true origins and unique character.