block beeswax crayons - set of 8
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Especially designed with small hands in mind, these organic, rectangular-shaped crayons are incredibly versatile. Featuring a variety of surfaces, they can mark-make in a multitude of ways. Use the large, flat area for shading, the outside edges for more refined lines, and the corners for precise drawing. The addition of pure beeswax gives the colours a natural transparency, similar to that of watercolours, allowing a variety of interesting techniques to be used. The wax properties mean there is no crumbling, stickiness or smudging, and they are incredibly durable.

Made from natural waxes and oils, including GMO-free soy wax and 20% certified-organic beeswax, these high-quality crayons are made in small batches in the the USA, and contain no paraffin waxes or petroleum products, making them completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. 

This 8 colour set includes: lemon yellow, golden yellow, orange, red, magenta, ultramarine blue, blue and green