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biggest. fastest, tallest...
biggest. fastest, tallest...
biggest. fastest, tallest...

biggest. fastest, tallest...

Darran Stobbart

Have you ever wondered where the tallest waterfall on the planet is? Or contemplated the length of the longest railway in the world? Perhaps you've pondered how far the furthest place visited by humans is? Luckily, Lift-the-Flap Biggest, Fastest, Tallest... is ready to answer all your questions! 

With over 100 answers to questions about the world's extremes, children will love having their curiosity sparked by this vibrant and fascinating flap book. From the tallest and fastest to the strongest and loudest; each double-page couples eye-popping illustrations with wonderful facts that are perfect for retelling to friends in the playground.

Our favourite page is "The best of the rest", where the facts get fantastically random! Did you know that the world's oldest prosthetic wooden toe was made 3,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt? Or that, in the quietest place in the world, visitors can hear their own heartbeat AND the sound of their eyeballs moving?

Best of all, the discovery doesn't stop when you finish the book! Complete with carefully curated Usborne Quicklinks, readers can watch speedy cheetahs, see views from the world's tallest skyscrapers, take a virtual tour of the International Space Station, and discover even more record-breaking facts simply by surfing the web.

Whether you're reading from cover to cover or dipping in and out at story time, this fabulous book makes an irresistible addition to primary school libraries, as well as family bookshelves. Lift-the-Flap Biggest, Fastest, Tallest... is an inspiring read that is sure to enthuse young readers with mind-boggling facts about our amazing planet.

Hardcover, 16 pages


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