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mixed block & stick crayon set

mixed block & stick crayon set


A favourite the world over, Stockmar's wax crayons are a staple for any mini artist. Especially designed with small hands in mind, their vibrant hues, rectangular, block shape and smooth application, means mark-making is a breeze.

Featuring a variety of surfaces, they can be used in multitudes of ways. Use the large, flat area for shading, the outside edges for more refined lines, and the corners for precise drawing. The addition of pure beeswax gives the colours a natural transparency, similar to that of watercolours, allowing a variety of interesting techniques to be used. The wax properties mean there is no crumbling, stickiness or smudging, and they are incredibly durable.

This tinned set also includes eight stick crayons, perfect for beginning to develop the tri-finger grip. Colours featured are crimson, vermillion, orange, gold yellow, lemon yellow, green, ultramarine blue and red violet. These crayons have received certified approval from the Arts and Crafts Material Institute as extremely high quality and completely non-toxic.


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