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antique zinc frame (landscape)

antique zinc frame (landscape)


Bring a little hint of the outdoors in by displaying nature's treasures within our stunningly unique frames. Hand-crafted from both recycled glass and recycled light metals, these beautiful pieces can be dotted throughout each room of your home or combined en masse for a striking seasonal display. Strung with a recycled Sari tie (which could be replaced with twine or a chain if desired) they are a timeless piece, epitomising understated elegance.

Antique zinc frame, landscape orientation, measuring 25 x 20cm

All of Nkuku's pieces adhere to the globally accepted '10 Principles of Fair Trade'. They believe that trading fairly provides the artisans they work with, the opportunity to build a future, and helps businesses develop, while also creating sustainable employment. Along with their focus on fair trade, Nkuku has a strong eco-friendly ethos, as they work with natural and recycled materials through sustainable methods of production. All of Nkuku's items are handmade, which highlights the traditional skills used by their artisans that have been handed down from generation to generation. 


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