dry to dry; the seasons of kakadu

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This nature storybook is a stunningly illustrated and extraordinary story of the yearly weather cycle, and changing wildlife of Kakadu National Park, from the Dry to the Wet season and back again.

In the tropical wetlands and escarpments of Kakadu National Park, the seasons move from dry to wet, to dry again. It is these seasons that have shaped the astonishing variety of plants, animals, birds, insects, migratory birds by the thousands, grasshoppers, owls, lizards, turtles, fruit bats, spear grass, and, gliding past them all in the rivers and waterholes, the long, sinuous shapes of crocodiles .

A beautifully written story that explores the unique story of one of Australia's most amazing landscapes, featuring lyrical narrative and well-researched facts by award-winning author Pamela Freeman.

Hardcover, 32 pages